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Dr. David Lorczak

H. Zavala

As a teen in his prime I thought that nothing could stop me, that mentality is what caused me to injure my back.  After a while dealing with my back pain, I decided it was time to seek help.  I thought about relying on the medical field to help solve my problem, but after thinking deeply and discussing all the possible aspects, I concluded that medicine wouldn't be likely to help my situation because I believed that at the core of all my pain was something severe going on with my bones.  After eliminating medicine as a cure, I decided to visit a chiropractor; my first thoughts were that maybe the damage done to my back may not be reversible.  I thought that there was no cure to my problem and that I might have to live with the pain for the rest of my life.  The thought spooked me; at age 18 I did not want my future to be limited because of my back pain.  With a little searching and a little luck I came across Dr. Lorczak's office.  At first I was not sure if I was willing to start treatment, but I was offered a free consultation. With a free consultation I knew I didn't have anything to loose, it has been about twelve sessions since that day and I am on my way to a full recovery.  To this date I still have a little ache every now and then but very minor.  There is no doubt in my mind that whenever I am done with my therapy I will be pain free. I am very grateful that I came across Mr. Lorczak's office and I would like to thank him for relieving me from a critical position that I found myself in.

Larry N.

Following a recommendation from my Massage Therapist I made an appointment with Dr. David Lorczak.  At that time, however, I have to admit I was skeptical of getting positive results from a Chiropractor. 
I became a patient of Dr. Lorczak's in January, 2009.  Immediately prior to this I was going to a Greensboro doctor of Neurology where I received forty (40) injections of Botox in the head, face, and shoulders, on a quarterly basis, for severe cluster headaches.  At my initial visit with Dr. Lorczak I had only about 20 -25 % range of motion of my head to either side.  Also, the entire upper portion of my back, as described by several different Massage Therapists was as "hard as a rock". Dr. Lorczak said it felt as if he were working with a board!
Now, I'm happy to say that under Dr. Lorczak's watchful eye and very skilled hands I now have almost normal range of motion of my head in both directions. My back now feels and appears normal. If that weren't enough I no longer have headaches and have completely eliminated the Botox injections I had taken for over a year. Although I had lower back surgery in 2004 and now have a lot of additional hardware permanently installed, the steady progress made in my upper back, neck and head, under Dr. Lorczak's expert guidance has improved immensely.
I simply can't say enough good things about Dr. Lorczak and am constantly singing his praises to everyone I know.  He is a highly skilled, caring and dedicated Chiropractor.  He has, through specific spinal manipulations and various exercise regiments outlined for me, transformed my quality of life.  Obviously by now I've gone from being a "doubting Thomas" to one who believes in the benefits that can be received from Chiropractic treatment.

My many thanks to Dr. Lorczak and staff for having achieved this rather remarkable transformation in my condition.

Lisa M.

Several weeks ago I developed an acute onset of neck pain. Thanks to Dr. David Lorczak and his staff, after several visits, I realized that not only was my neck pain completely gone but I actually felt better than I did prior to developing the problem. My neck and back feel 10 years younger. For me, this has been like finding the fountain of youth.

Wes K.

I got into an auto accident, was having pain in my upper shoulder and I went to see Dr. David Lorczak at Oak Ridge Chiropractic.  I have been happy with everything and I am enjoying how loose and flexible my back is now.  It is like I'm 10 years old again.